Bally Rewards

Get way more from your gaming experience with the most lucrative Rewards in Vicksburg! Bally Rewards gives you more choices, better rewards!

From everyday rewards to once in a lifetime experiences, the All-New Bally Rewards is our best Casino Loyalty Program yet! Membership is free and the rewards are endless. Sign up today!

Tier Levels

Increase your Tier Level and earn Bally Bucks based on play that you can redeem for food, Free Slot Play and cash.

Your annual Tier Level will determine the tier and benefits you will hold for the entire following year. If you reach the threshold for any higher tier during the earning period, you will be instantly upgraded and you will keep that status through the following year.

Bally Bucks

Earn Bally Bucks based on your play on slots or at table games. Then, enjoy more flexibility on how you spend your balances.

500 Bally Bucks = $1 Food or Merchandise Credit
1,000 Bally Bucks = $1 Free Slot Play
2,000 Bally Bucks = $1 Cash

Tier Benefits

• Qualifying Earning Period: August 16, 2021 – December 31, 2022
• Benefit Period: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Bally Rewards members qualifying for higher tiers will maintain that tier level for the duration of the period in which they qualify, as well as the next qualifying period. When Bally Rewards members earn a higher tier status, they will automatically advance to that tier and will become eligible for those benefits through the end of the benefit period. Only earned Tier Points will qualify Bally Rewards members for the next level tier status and benefits, unless specifically listed as a promotion.